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Oral Health

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From Sept 2024, we will be taking part in an Oral health accreditation through MySmile, which includes supervised tooth brushing once a day in the setting. 

Children over the age of three in Sunflower and Poppy room will join peers as group to brush their teeth once during their pre-school session. (this should not replace tooth brushing at home) Staff have had training to ensure this is done safely. 

As well as tooth brushing the accreditation will involve: 

Children taking part in activities to encourage healthy brushing and eating habits. 
Staff will promote oral health information and dental visits. 
Staff will provide tooth friendly* snacks. Cooking activities and celebration food will also be tooth friendly. 
Parents will be asked to provide tooth friendly options in children’s packed lunch boxes, and only provide water to drink. 

*low or no sugar in food and drink. 

A small sugary snack is ok if eaten with a main meal, as the rest of the food acts as a ‘buffer’ against the acidity and reduces the number of ‘acid attacks’ in the mouth. 

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